Accelerating the development of commercial fusion energy systems since 2005

Outsource your plasma R&D quickly and affordably to Woodruff Scientific's experienced team

Woodruff Scientific offers assistance with all stages of innovation: concept design, engineering design, procurement, fabrication, installation, testing, and operations. We can offer support packages to suit your application and budget.

Our Mission

Nuclear fusion powers our sun and all the stars in the night sky; if harnessed on earth, it could be the ultimate energy source: safe, clean, and with plentiful fuel. Commercial fusion energy will ultimately provide energy independence, national security, and new jobs in the emerging clean-tech market sector. For the last decade, Woodruff Scientific has sought to accelerate the development of commercial fusion by tackling critical scientific problems in the US DOE Fusion Energy Sciences program. What we’ve learned to do, we can now offer as services or custom products.