Research and development in pulsed power, plasma physics and fusion energy sciences since 2005


Since 2005 we have performed simulations using some of the world's fastest supercomputers (using resources at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center). We have also developed R&D codes for specific applications. We train students to run these large codes in our Scientific Computing Bootcamps. Our customers for advanced simulations are at National Laboratories, universities and also in the private sector. We are always keen to take on new simulation challenges, and would be keen to discuss your application. For proprietary work we use our in-house cluster. We have expertise in problem formulation, pre-processing and post-processing with a small team collectively with over 100 years of experience in physics modeling. For less demanding problems, we also do a lot of analytic work with Matlab, Mathematica and also Excel!

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Email us for more information, call one of our scientists at 505 349 5811, or look through our pages on the left for examples of our body of work.

2015 Scientific Bootcamp Summary