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Pulsed Power

We have built, installed and tested pulsed power capacitor banks for a variety of applications. Fig. 1 shows an example arrangement for the banks we have built for an R&D environment, for which the room served as the enclosure. Banks are custom built for specific applications, although small modules have a fast turn around time. Spec sheets available on request. For design only, please see our Services

Applications for pulsed power are wide ranging. The aerospace industry has the most overlap with fusion research, since most subsystems are used in electric propulsion, pulsed plasma thrusters and even fusion propulsion. Next most closely related to fusion systems are military applications, particularly for electromagnetic launchers (projectiles, aircraft, etc), rail-, electrothermal- or coil-guns, high power microwave generators (explosive flux compression generators) and most high power lasser. R&D applications include lightning simulators, linear accelerators, plasma switches, and most laser applications (using solid state laser - YAG, Ruby or Alexandrite, or pulsed gas lasers - Excimer, nitrogen or metal vapor). For example in the medical field, pulsed power is used in a vareity of laser applications from those used in surgery to hair removal; defibrilators and EM nerve stimulation; oncological accelerators; and X-ray devices. Utility companies regularly employ pulsed power systems - these can include power factor correction, dynamic voltage restorers and HV testing (cable thumpers, or hipot testing). By far the widest application of pulsed power however comes in the industrial sector, which for manufacturing (spot welding, magnetizing, metal forming, induction heating, compaction), sterilization (medical, food, water, surfaces) and materials processing (ion implantation, deposition, laser shock, etc).

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Safety must be the number one priority in all labs. WSI takes all measures to ensure operator safety. A proper safety protocol needs to be followed. Banks should always be kept in an isolated room equipped with safety interlocks. Our bank dumps are double or triple redundant, default to a safe position in case of power outage or other failure, and are controled via door interlocks and from the control room. WSI can work with your lab to setup a safe testing environment.


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